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About Nichola

nichola_motleyI have always believed in the possibility of deep wellbeing my quest to experience it led me to The Presence Process a book by Michael Brown. The process involves daily conscious, connected breathing and I was astounded by its power. It was an extraordinary solo experience which expanded my perceptions and shifted my centre of gravity. Through the Presence Process I found Transformational Breath® and it was very soon clear to me that I had a new vocation. I work with my own breath every day and also have facilitated breath sessions. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been.  I can honestly say I have found the peace I was always looking for.

It is a wonderful privilege for me to support people as they uncover their own inner resources and find their way to living more authentically, more fully and joyfully.

Contact me to book a Transformational Breath® session