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Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in News |

Mindfulness Meditation Poem

In the early morning hush
Evesdrop on the sounds of life living itself around you
And tune in to the life that you are.
Feel the life force
As it lives you:
Beats your heart;
Breathes you;
Your torso rising and falling,
Rising and falling while you watch.
Observe how it feels to be alive
The gurgles, the numbness
The tight places and warm spots
Of this body that you inhabit.
These sensations beneath all the surface waves;
The constant motion of thought, pain and emotion.
Discern the quiet sensation of being,
The unobtrusive buzz of life within
This rarely visited undercurrent which is
Always here.
Waiting patiently to come to your awareness

Listen, keep listening,
Even when thought intrudes
Listen on and slowly you may begin to touch
The stillness, which is deeper than the depths.
Rest here, yes just rest, let go and
You’ll sense a sun rise in your heart
And a flush of joy which
Lights up to your face
Though no one is here to see.
And as you bask in the afterglow
You’ll feel truth infuse your being
And peace
Beyond all knowing
The peace
Which is you.

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