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Transformational Breath

How it works:

  • Would you like to feel healthier, freer, more youthful, positive and joyful?
  • Change your Breathing Change your Life!


  • Do you sometimes feel you can’t breathe deeply enough?
  • Do you sleep poorly or feel tired for no reason?
  • Are you frequently unwell?
  • Do you suffer physical pain, be it migraines or back pain?
  • Are you facing a particular health challenge?

Research has shown that 9/10 of us significantly restrict our breathing with breath predominantly either in the belly OR the chest. This is stressful for the body.  During a breathing session we re-experience the full, gentle breathing which brings about deep relaxation.  Our depleted systems are replenished and the body’s natural healing mechanism is able to work optimally . This can have multiple benefits and practiced regularly, often results in major health improvements.


  • Is your glass half empty?
  • Do you get stuck in unproductive thought loops?
  • Do you feel stressed, depressed or anxious?

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. ~Thích Nhất Hạnh

Most of the time we are unaware we are breathing, but in an instant we can become conscious of our breath. So, the breath is a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. Difficult feelings and restrictive thinking may be so familiar we may be like the fish that doesn’t know what water is. Transformational Breath® helps bring calm and clarity to the mind. It can also bring about catharsis –  a release of the energy of the painful past in us. We feel a reduction in our stress levels, we feel calmer. It becomes easier to practice mindfulness; keeping our attention in the present moment and finding we have a choice about what to think and feel.


  • Do you wonder what it’s all about or lack a sense of purpose?
  • Do you sense there is more to life?
  • Do you feel a longing you can’t name?

Breath is life, when we become conscious of our breathing, we connect directly with life force energy. In so doing we often find our sense perceptions expand and we may gain insights and fresh perspectives. We may experience states of higher consciousness; love, forgiveness, joy, bliss and even have mystical experiences. A breath session can be a deeply spiritual experience.

What to expect when taking part in Transformational Breath®